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There’s a lot of talk about the keto diet. Most people do it to lose weight. Some do it to get healthier. And those are both good reasons and I’ll be happy if both of those things happen. I have diabetes and one of my goals is to get my blood sugar levels down low enough that my doctor will be fine with me not being on medication for it!

But I was doing some reading today and realized that it might help me in the most important way possible for me β€” my attention span!

You see, a couple years ago I realized that I probably have undiagnosed ADHD. Now, this is not to diminish anyone that has been diagnosed with ADHD. I’m just saying that I exhibit a lot of the symptoms and that when I hear people talk about their challenges with ADHD it really resonates with me. So I’m not saying I have it. I’m just saying that I might.

But, these symptoms have cause me a lot of grief. I get really upset with myself when I can’t hit the deadlines. I get frustrated when I can’t focus on finishing a project. I get really annoyed with myself when I set goals and can’t meet them. For years I thought that I was just a big loser. I thought I was pathetic.

This made me feel bad. And for a long time, I had pretty much given up on writing. But I can’t totally give up. I just can’t.

So, knowing that I have certain challenges, I’ve been working to overcome them. One of the things I do is plan. But that hasn’t quite gotten me there.

Since I’ve been doing keto anyway β€” or trying to β€” I have been doing a little reading on it and stumbled across a few articles that suggest that the keto diet might be helpful. The keto diet in itself is not something that is going to help people with ADHD or symptoms of ADHD. Rather it is the factors of the diet that help.

For example, the keto diet requires that you eat a lot of meat and fat. But healthy fat, like avocados. Not fat like in potato chips. As a result, you also consume less sugar and less processed food (if any at all!). These things are horrible for the ADHD brain!

So, in an attempt to be a better, more focused writer, I am recommitting to keto. No sugar. No sweetners (except liquid stevia). No processed crap. No high glycemic carbs. Minimal other carbs. And I am going to keep track of how I am feeling and how much I am able to accomplish. I’ll likely publish some of my findings here!

Yes, I’m going full keto! Let’s see what happens!

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